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VitreoRetinal.org is a resource for health information on "back of the eye" disease, treatment, and prevention. This site is intended for health professionals, healthcare information consumers, caregivers and allied professionals.This website is a project of a biomedical engineer involved in research into back of the eye disorders and their management, and is intended as a useful resource for everyone seeking such information.

This website is considered "beta" form, and is not complete nor comprehensive. It is updated regularly and pages are being added during the beta period. Please send your comments and suggestions directly to the publisher, via email sent to "info" at this domain. See also microplasmin for important information about treatments for vitreomacular traction (also known as "VMA" for vitreomacular adhesion) using ocriplasmin, a vitreolytic enzyme manufactured using recombinant DNA technology.

Macular Degeneration

See photos of stages of macular degeneration on our macular degeneration page.

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